Specialist Advocacy

Specialist Advocacy

For more information on our services and how we can assist you or your client(s) please contact:

Tel: 024 7669 7443

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Disability Advocacy

People with disabilities often find it difficult to make their voices heard. At Independent Advocacy we can listen to them and speak out for them, using our experience and specialist communication skills.

We provide services for people aged 18 to 64 in the following categories:

  • People with physical impairments, including visual impairment, hearing impairments and acquired brain injuries

  • People with learning disabilities

  • People who have physical impairments and learning disabilities

  • People caring for an adult with learning disabilities


Using our services

Referrals under contract with Warwickshire Adult Health & Community Services and local primary care trusts are provided free at the point of delivery. We can also accept referrals from carers or self referrals and we are happy to support the Personalisation Agenda through individual support and brokerage.


How we work

We work in partnership with our clients to support them in communicating their needs, securing their rights, representing their interests and obtaining the services they need.


Our services are:

  • Personalised

  • Independent

  • Confidential

  • Free to adults under contract to Warwickshire County Council and can be purchased on an individual basis by other County/City Councils.