Appointee Service

Appointee Service

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What is the Appointee Service?

Our Primary Level Appointee Service is a unique low cost Corporate Appointee Service. It is available throughout England and has been developed to provide assistance to vulnerable clients who need help to manage their day to day financial affairs and other money related matters.

Our Appointee Service ensures customers receive their maximum entitlement to welfare benefits (through a benefit check) and takes responsibility for claiming and receiving the correct amount of benefits and other income for vulnerable clients.

Benefit entitlement is reviewed on a regular basis to allow for changes in customers circumstances or changes to the benefits system itself.

We can simply help with money management or with general bill paying or become a formal appointee with all of the responsibility in conjunction with care providers, local authorities and other organisations.

Our staff will work to maximise income on behalf of the client. This may include negotiating the charges clients are paying for gas and electricity supplies etc as well as working with new clients who may have previously received penalty charges/court demands etc for late or non payment or mismanagement of bills in the past.

The Appointee package can be personalised to the individual client and has been developed to be flexible in order to reflect the needs of that individual. We offer the appropriate level of assistance and intervention as required, whilst promoting as much independence as possible.

The team fully understands the issues and difficulties associated with managing the day to day financial affairs of a vulnerable person. The needs of each individual are always different. Our role is to assess and agree the most appropriate strategy in conjunction with other involved professionals and family as required.