Appointee Service

Appointee Service

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An Appointee looks after the finances of someone who is unable to do so themselves.

The service is approved by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) for anyone receiving benefit who may need this kind of financial support.

The service is often a long term relationship with a client and will include supporting the client to put a personal budgeting plan in place. The Appointee can arrange for the client to receive an allowance while ensuring bills are paid and any debts negotiated on their behalf. The aim of the service is that the Appointee will work with the client to eventually regain control of their own finances.

In the last twelve months we have provided an Appointee to over 300 clients living in residential/nursing homes and in the community.

Referrals for this service can be made by social workers from Adult Health and Community Services who may agree to fund the role. Alternatively, the service can be purchased by other organisations or by the client directly.

We can offer a similar service to people who do not receive benefits but are able to instruct us to manage their finances.