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Independent Advocacy is a registered charity which represents and promotes the interests of those who find it difficult speak out and make themselves heard, whether due to frailty, disability, or financial or social circumstances. Our mission is to listen to our clients’ needs and to do our utmost to ensure that those needs are recognised, respected and acted upon.

In short, we help individuals and families overcome disadvantages and enable them to make their own life-choices.

We provide a comprehensive range of specialist advocacy and related services across Warwickshire, Coventry, Solihull, and other areas, including Lincolnshire, and the South Coast.

    We have trained and qualified advocates specialising in Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Over 65’s,Physical disabilities and Autism. We also offer appointee services, support services, money management, and are contracted to facilitate resolution of complaints involving the National Health Service in some areas.

    As well as accepting referrals from local authority sources by social workers or health service providers, we also provide affordable appointee and support services for clients who may wish to pay for themselves or be helped to do so by their families. We offer a wide range of services tailored to individual needs.

Independent Advocacy was registered by the Charity Commission in 1992. As a Company Limited by Guarantee, it is governed by a Board of Directors, all of whom are voluntary Trustees. We have a pedigree of providing quality advocacy services for some thirty years.



However challenging the environment, Independent Advocacy will empower vulnerable people to live a full life, enabling them to make choices and have a voice that will be heard


To provide advocacy, appointee and support services so that vulnerable people can make known their needs and access resources to improve their quality of life


We are professional and always seek to achieve high standards

We ensure our services are independent

We act with integrity with an open style of management and communication

We are fair in our dealings and ready to explain our reasons

We are responsive, so far as we are able, to the needs of those with whom we interact

We show respect to others, even when we do not share their values

We honour our commitments to confidentiality

Strategic Aims

1. To shape our services in partnership with those who need who need them

2. To deliver effective services with integrity, efficiency and due diligence

3. To create and identify opportunities to increase the range of services and the level of financial support to the business

4. To promote IA locally, regionally and nationally and seek opportunities to work with other agencies and organisations

5. To develop and implement a culture based on open communications with policies and procedures that support and develop the workforce

Find out more information by downloading our Summary Business Plan